Plakatief Book by Pola Brändle

Plakatief – A World in Layers

PLAKATIEF is an urban archeological study that uncovers and captures an otherwise unnoticed amalgamation of synthetic and natural evolution. Follow emerging artist Pola Brändle as she travels through 26 different countries and immerses herself into each location’s unique cultural history. In this first compilation of her work, we see collages formed by months and even years of posters layered on the walls lining each city street. In each piece, observers find scraps of lost memories, traces of present and future aspirations, images that reflect the personal and social evolution we all experience.

PLAKATIEF itself is a journey that provides insights into each destination and illuminates the rich tapestry of social artifacts that countless men and women look at every day but until now have never truly seen.

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Plakatief - A World in Layers
edited by Pola Brändle

authors William Hess as well as Joachim Schlör, Luke Wilson, Patrick Hedwig, Emil Lamprecht, Pedro Branco-Béléle and Joseph Roberts

Graphic design: Leif Heidenreich

size 21 x 29,7 cm
136 pages
103 coloured illustrations
Softcover, bound
ISBN 978-3-86678-484-0